Do you miss 90s Nickelodeon?

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Are You Afraid of the Dark

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Salute Your Shorts


The Adventures of Pete and Pete

My Brother and Me

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters


Hey Arnold!


Rocket Power

Kenan and Kel


What Made 90s Nickelodeon Awesome?

90s Nick pretty much raised my brother and me, and it was the best babysitter EVER...maybe not according to Lipshitz standards - exposing us to some rebellious characters and a few cheeky cartoons that weren't afraid to push the envelope, but 90s Nick taught us to be individuals. It taught us to challenge authority and question everything. Basically, it taught us all to wreak of awesomeness.

90s Nickelodeon shows weren't trying to make us something we weren't. There weren't these perfect cookie-cutter families that always did the right thing, where the parents almost never made their kids wish they were adopted. Some of the cartoons snuck in a little adult humor that went way over our heads at the time, but give us a whole new appreciation for them, now that we're "mature" adults. The gameshows made you feel mentally and physically far superior to every other kid.(Why the heck couldn't anybody figure out that friggin' monkey on Legends of the Hidden Temple???)

Basically, 90s Nick made you feel good about yourself because, hey, your mom could have a metal plate in her head...

, or you could have a complete turd for a brother...

,or you could be moving to a new house that just happens to be super duper creepy, and yet, you have an inexplicable urge to explore it because you're an idiot.

90s Nick made our childhoods incredible, and that's why we still get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside whenever anything reminds us of it. And, hey, who says we have to leave it all behind us? Who says we have to abandon our adventurous spirits for some mundane job in some snore-inducing office?.....Oh, yeah....bill collectors.....Okay, so maybe we haven't sparked a revolution with little Pete as our fearless leader, but we can still revisit the good old days whenever we please.

Consider this the 90s Nick clubhouse with slime-green walls and your favorite childhood characters sitting on big orange couches in every room. Just park your time machine around back, come on in, and make yourself comfortable.

Welcome home! :)